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Cement tiles maintenance


Following these instructions your cement tiles will result in a beautiful and durable surface that can be enjoyed for a whole life!!!

* Treatment must be done after installation and when tiles are completely dry.             

* It is recommended to make a test on a single piece to check the desired finish.

SEALING (Prior to grouting)
1) After the mortar has sufficiently cured, sweep the floor thoroughly to remove all loose grit particles.
2) Wash/ Mop the floor with a neutral detergent. Staining, see stain treatment below.
3) Rinse the floor thoroughly using liberal amounts of clear water. Remove water from the surface using a shop/wet vacuum and allow the floor to dry thoroughly before sealing or buffing.
4) After installation tiles must be allowed to breath. Allow all the humidity in the cement tile to evaporate. if sealer is applied before tiles are completely dry, it will block the evaporation of the underlying humidity and will develop dark damp patches, hairlines cracks or pitting.
5) Apply two (2) thin coats of penetrating sealer. Apply second coat no less than one (1) hour after the first (refer to sealer manufacturer instructions). To apply, use a dry absorbent white cloth, clean mop or a solvent resistant sprayer. Let penetrating sealer thoroughly dry, approximately two (2) hours.

CLEANING (After installation)
1) Cleaning of tile should be performed no sooner than 3 days from finish installation and not later than 7 days.
2) Using a stiff broom (or bristle scrubber) or a single disk floor machine with a white pad scrub all tiles using a liquid type marble cleaner or neutral cleaner.  Never use vinegar or hydrochloric acid to clean the tiles.
3) Remove any excess water, residue, and dirt using a water vac.
4) Rinse floor again with liberal amounts of clean water and again pick up all excess water and let dry.

SEALING (After installation)
1) After cleaning process has been completed and accepted, final sealing of the tile can be performed.
2) Sealing of tile can be preformed after installation is cured (2 days minimum).
3) Sealing of the tiles installation can be suited for several individual needs:

A. Impregnating Sealer: (Natural invisible look)
1) Use Aqua-Mix, Stone-Tech or Miracle sealants "Impregnator" type sealers.
2) Follow Manufacturer recommended procedures.

B. Stone Enhancer: (Enhanced “Rich” look)
1) Use Aqua-Mix, Stone-Tech, or Miracle Sealants "Stone Enhancer" type sealers.
2) Follow Manufacturers recommended procedures.

C. Polishing: (Low gloss sheen) - This is the traditional method of sealing and protection.
1) Wear protective clothing, including hand and eye wear.
2) If a low sheen natural finish is desired, wet tiles using a spray bottle (work in small areas).
3) Hand broadcast oxalic acid crystals onto wet area.
4) Using a single disc floor machine with a white pad and or hemp rope, buff acid crystals into wet floor area until dry. A light sheen should appear on tiles as floor dries.
5) If not repeat process.
6) After tiles are thoroughly dry, rinse areas and remove any acid residue.
7) Dark colors will show more sheen that light colors.


1) The use of properly sized walk-off mats at entrances is most important to remove abrasive grit that may cause wear.
2) Sweep regularly.
3) Damp mop as required using a neutral cleaner.
4) Periodic buffing of tiles with a white pad may be necessary.


1) Most stains can be removed using all-purpose cleaners.
2) Difficult stains will need to be removed using Oxalic acid.
3) Wet stained area and rub in circular motions using a white pad and Oxalic acid crystals until stain disappears.
4) Rinse and remove any acid or residue.

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