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Cement tiles description


** Most tile patterns are formed by 4 pieces to create the complete design.

Special and unique characteristics of handmade cement tiles:

All Original Mission Tile handmade cement tiles are built with three layers that can be seen in a crossection view.

First layer: 

The wear layer or tile face is a mixture of highly resistant portland white cement, powdered white marble and natural pigments. Wear resistance, color and brightness rely on the quality of this layer. Finished product has the natural finish surface and they can be polished or sealed. Any cement tiles are glazed.

Second layer:
It is a mortar made of fine sand and high qportland cement. For tile manufacturing, this mortar is applied as a base and reinforces the first layer, providing the ability to withstand compression loads which some times may be high for the finished product.

Third layer:
Is a porous mixture with the required thickness for impact strength before and after installation.

A good tile should be compact & waterproof, tiles are not glazed, which is accomplished by using mixtures rich in high quality cement, mechanically mixed and manufactured under high pressure. In addition, a thorough curing process is used to increase its strength.

Special & unique characteristics of our cement tiles:

- Cement Tiles are 100% hand crafted, paying attention to individual design and colors specifications.

- Cement Tiles are not a pollutant, because it is manufactured with 100% natural materials, including pigments.

- Cement Tiles are not flammable and are 100% recyclable.

- Cement Tiles are fresh in hot weather places and are not slippery to the bare foot.

- Cement Tiles can be manufactured to any design, shape, size or color.

- Quality control is performed on an individual basis (piece by piece) not by lot production.

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